Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Quick Porch Update… Part 2 Quick Porch Update

Buy Intel shares In case you missed it, here is A Quick Porch Update… Part 1.  And now, here is the conclusion of our Quick Porch Update!…

The bookcase in the corner is a new addition to the room.  Originally, the bookcase was in the living room behind our TV.  I needed a place to keep some of my houseplants, but I didn’t want the plants located where they could get knocked over or attacked by the kids.  So up on the bookshelf the plants made their home.  If needed, the bottom shelves of the bookcase will hold baskets of more winter accessories such as scarves and mitts and such. Kid's Coats in Porch

On the other wall, the boys hang their coats.  They each get 3 hooks at a level they can reach, so they can hang up their own clothes. 3M Coat Hooks in Porch

invest in Intel shares I chose 3M hooks so I could reposition the hooks easily as the kids grow.  The hooks attach to the wall with the 3M adhesive sticker.  When you need to remove the hooks from the wall, they remove easily and with no damage to the wall.  I use them all over my house!  I also used a 3M hook to hang my boy’s backpack on the wall. Coat and Boot Storage in Porch

This quick little update to the entrance area makes the space more functional and gives us more space.  One of the biggest improvements… No more water bottles sitting in the corner!  To find out where my water bottles ended up, click here! Bookcase and Dresser in Porch

GW Pharmaceuticals shares In addition to the IKEA Storage unit, the boys also use the 2 lower shelves of the dresser for storage.  Each boy gets a drawer to keep their mitts, toques and hats.  The dresser works really well and both my little boys can get out their own items.

Make sure to check out "A Quick Porch Update... Part 1"!




Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Quick Porch Update… Part 1 Quick Porch Update

Autumn is here and Winter is soon on it’s way.  I’ve unpacked the kid’s winter clothes and coats.  With the cold weather, the boys unfortunately have to put on lots of layers of clothes to keep warm when they go outside.  The winter clothes and coats needed some organization so I changed and improved our porch/entrance area to our house.  The current system was alright, but I added some more storage and hid the unsightly water bottles!

Here is a post on how our entrance used to look.  And here are some quick before pics… Porch Before Pic
Before Porch Before Pic Shoe Storage

I moved the lighter brown chest to the living room.  We keep our firewood for our wood burning fireplace in this chest.  Originally, we placed it near the front door so we could easily load it up with wood without tracking snow throughout the house. 

I decided to give the firewood chest a new home in the living room, which makes sense because this is where the fireplace is located.  To refill the chest, my husband brings the wood to the back door in tubs and I stay inside and grab the tubs from him and refill the firewood chest.  So far, our system is working well.  It is also cutting down on the mess.  No more snow and pieces of wood tracked throughout the house.  Why I did not think of this solution sooner I will never know!

Now that I freed up some space by removing the firewood chest from the entrance area, I could add a new storage solution.  I needed a place to keep the kid’s splash pants and winter ski pants. Living Room Toy Storage Unit IKEA

I decided to move the toy storage unit that was in the living room to the entrance.  Not only would it give me more room in the living room, we would also benefit from the extra storage in the porch. Porch / Entrance Storage Unit IKEA

We can even use the storage unit as a bench to sit down and take our shoes off.  Each person in our family now has a basket to keep their winter belongings.  All I need to do now is add some labels to the baskets. Extra Kid's Shoe Storage in Porch

Under the storage unit, I’ve hidden a plastic shoe tray for the boy’s shoes.  A little extra storage and a place to keep the snowy, wet boots till they dry.

Stay tuned for the 2nd half of our Quick Porch Update!




Sunday, November 4, 2012

OMG… Sewage Backup!

Yep, I said it… SEWAGE BACKUP!  One of my biggest fears and nightmares happened late last week.  Luckily, it happened in the afternoon when I was home so I could contain the disaster in the basement. 

We live on an acreage, so at first I thought the septic tank was full and backing up into the house.  When we discovered the septic tank wasn’t the issue, further investigation lead us to a clogged sewage line in between the house and the septic tank. 

After multiple calls to plumbers, we finally got someone out to the house late that night.  All day and evening we were without water because any amount of water down the line would cause a greater backup.  Being without water is really hard, especially when we have 2 kids and now-a-days we take the use of water for granted (eg. toilet flushing).

We are now in the clean up stage and have a crew coming out on Monday to start the demolition.  Let’s hope everything is completed before Christmas… Oh, I hope so, but I'm not holding my breath!

Has anyone gone through sewage or water damage clean up and rebuilding before?  What are some of your horror stories? 


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

100 Pinterest Followers

Just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU to all my Pinterest followers.  Simple is Pretty now has 100 followers!  Check out my Pinterest boards, here. Pinterest

Be sure to check out my FREE Printables boards including great Halloween and Thanksgiving printables for decorating and keeping you organized!  I’m always adding pins so be sure to keep checking in.

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