Friday, March 7, 2014

Ordered. -New Dining Room Chairs!

I’m so excited!  A few days ago, we ordered new dining room/kitchen chairs!

old chairs
Up till now, we have been using chairs that we bought at a garage sale when my husband and I first started living together many years ago.  They are ugly, I mean UGLY.  They have pink seat cushions and a vinyl brown back.  I’m guessing they were from the 70’s, 80’s and someone previously decided to give them a little flair by adding the pink seat cushions.

So many years ago, I made some neutral slipcovers so no one would ever see how hideous the chairs really are.  But slipcovers and fabric on kid’s chairs just don’t work.  At least not on my kid’s chairs.  I have washed these poor slipcovers so much they look dull, and have shrunk.  We don’t even put a slipcover on my youngest’s chair, it’s a losing battle.  We just place a towel over the pink seat cushion and strap the booster seat on top.  The towel helps hold the booster seat in place and also is easier to wash than the pink cushion.

We have wanted to get new chairs for awhile now.  Since my husband made the table, we have been keeping an eye out for possible chair choices.  Here is our final choice!…

We got 2 Marcel Armchairs for the ends of the table:

And we got 4 Remy Side Chairs for the sides of the table:

You guessed it, from Restoration Hardware!  This is my first time ordering from them.  I love looking at their website and catalogues, their products are beautiful.  I love their store and wish I could take everything in it home.

We chose these chairs for many reasons.  They will hopefully match the steel on the table well.  I like them because they don’t have any fabric on them to try to keep clean with kids in the house.  The finish for the chairs are gunmetal, but there are 5 different finishes available.  They are currently on sale: $179 down to $129 for the Marcel’s and $139 down to $99 for the Remy’s (USD+shipping).  We only needed 6 chairs in total because my husband is hoping to build 2 benches to match the table that we will also use when company comes over when we put the leaves in the table.

I just got an email from them letting me know the chairs have been shipped.  I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas!  I hope the delivery goes smoothly!  Have you ordered from Restoration Hardware before?

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