Thursday, March 27, 2014


Clutter.  For about a month now, I have felt like I pick up one project only to put it down because something else needs my attention.  As a result, my house and my mind are cluttered and feeling disorganized.  I feel like I have so many ideas and good intentions and nothing is getting done.  I’m spinning my wheels. 

Maybe it is the weather.  I keep thinking spring is here and but instead we end up getting more snow.  Disappointing, and lack of spring is not helping my disheartened mood.

Even my blog is affected.  I want to post more frequently but I’m having an internal fight with myself.  One part of me wants my posts to be perfect with fabulous photos and amazing, never before seen content.  Unrealistic I know.  Great content and photos will come with time, studying and practice.  One part of me wants to write posts like this. No fabulous photos, just never before shared content from me, about what is affecting me and on my mind.

I may be overthinking this.  I am, after all, listening to children’s music about a duckling for the nine millionth time today and this may be affecting my thinking.

I’m off to complete one project – organize my receipts and bills from 2013.  Might sound like a lot of work but it is one of the projects that is partly already done.  I should just need to hole punch the papers and put them in a binder.  Here’s to hoping I don’t make it more complicated and I can get this done today!

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