Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What To Take To Your First Craft Show…

What to Take to Your First Craft Show
My first craft show was a learning experience.  Since I like to be prepared, I have made a list to make packing for your 1st craft show easier.  Here are some items to take with you…

Inventory – make sure you have plenty of inventory already tagged with prices.

Money for float – lots of low bills and coins (if needed, depending on the prices you set)

Extra price tags

Bags or gift wrap options

Business cards and holder

Signs and display props


Safety pins

Zip ties




String / twine / cord


Super glue – in case something breaks, like it did for me!

Phone and phone charger (for pictures, calculator, credit card reader)

Calculator (or use your mobile phone app)

Credit card reader

Carbon receipt book

Custom order form or some paper to write custom order requests on

Band Aids (because I’m a klutz)

Headache/migraine medication

Snacks and bottled water

Business License or Permit – depending on where you are selling

Extra clothes – keep some extra clothes in your car in case you get spilled on or if the show is outside and weather changes.

Be sure to check out my other advice for your first craft show!  Happy selling!

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