Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thrift Store Finds

Here are a few of the thrift store finds I bought a couple months ago.  I’ve finally made some time to complete some projects with them.  Most of the items I found I wanted to use in my first craft show.  More about my first craft show experience in an upcoming post.

Basket Before from
A wire and wicker basket, which I will use in the craft show.

Candle Sticks Before from
Brass candle sticks, can’t wait till they are painted!  I'm not a huge fan of brass.

Glass Server from
A two tiered glass tray.  I love the look of this one just as it is.

Tray from
A silver tray made in England, and I haven’t decided if I should paint it or leave it as it is.  I love its shape.

Large Tray Before from
This tray is quite beat up but I like the intricate pattern.

Turning Tray Before from
The large tray turns, but is very scratched up.  Works for me, I won't feel guilty about painting it.

Trunk open side shot from
The chest is quite large 13 1/2” x 13 1/2” x 24”.  My kids call it a treasure chest.  I still can’t decide if I should paint it or leave it the way it is.  I was lucky scoring this one, it was not even on a shelf to purchase when I spotted it.  An employee was pushing a cart with this "treasure" chest on it and it was heading to a spot on the store shelves when I snagged it.  SCORE!  More on what I did with my thrift store finds and my first craft show soon.

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