Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Table!

My husband has been working on making a new dining room/kitchen table for us for a few months.  Now the table is done!  Here’s a peek…

New Table from
He made the bottom out of 3” steel tubing.  The extensions at both ends are removable, which is great when we have company over.  We can now all fit around the same table!  The table measures 8 feet long when extended and about 5 feet long and 44 inches wide when the extensions are out.

The top is made out of 12” wood planks.  He stained the top grey and finished with clear semi-gloss polyurethane to protect it.

New Dining Room Table from
I love this table.  Finally, we have a table that matches our style!  Our old $15 clearance-priced dining room table will have a new home in our 4 seasons room.

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