Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Coffee Station

I’d say I only really started drinking coffee in the last 3 years.  Before that, I would have the occasional cup, mostly at a coffee shop while out with friends.  Since my husband bought me a Keurig for a Christmas present a few years ago (by the way I love it), coffee has become a morning ritual.  I still only have about 2 cups as a maximum each day, and my husband is the same.  So our Keurig makes sense for us, as we only drink about a cup or so a day each.

Coffee and Beverage Station from www.simpleispretty.com
Here is how I set up our coffee/beverage station.  First, it resides right next to the water cooler.  Perfect spot, especially since we don’t drink our cistern tap water and we only use water from the cooler to drink and fill up the Keurig.

Coffee Station from www.simpleispretty.com
Cups are in the cabinet above the Keurig.  I keep a jar of white sugar, container of Krisda stevia extract sweetener packages, and a bottle of agave syrup on a plate.  I try to stay away from the sugar as much as I can and use natural sweeteners in my beverages. I try ;)

Easy Coffee Station from www.simpleispretty.com
I keep 3 bottles of Pellegrino water at the back for color.  I confess I don’t drink it.  A cookie jar also lives on this counter and it works well to hide the cord from the water cooler.  Store bought cookies in the jar, I’m not much of a baker.  Or really any type of a baker for that matter.

Coffee and Beverage Station  from www.simpleispretty.com
The K-cups for the Keurig are stored in a holder behind the Keurig.  The holder spins so I can easily grab the flavour of coffee I want.  Our extra K-cups live in our pantry.

Inside Coffee Station Drawer  from www.simpleispretty.com
In the drawer below, I store our teas and other miscellaneous beverage items. Such as… teaspoons, straws, extra sweetener, and a refillable/reusable K-cup.

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