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Chair Remodel for a Baby’s Room–Guest Post

Check out this amazing transformation from one of my readers who remodelled a chair for her expecting friend’s nursery. 

Hard to believe it is the same chair!…

The Chair Completed from

The Story:

So the chair was found on kijiji…

Chair Before from
First things first, I started by removing all the old fabric, and of course I discovered linoleum and duct tape hold back the springs... good thing I decided to redo the chair and not just fabric paint it!! ...

Chair being disassembled from
There I stripped it all down.  I decided not to reuse any of the old batting, I didn't want any allergens contaminating the baby's new room.  Next, I used new burlap over the springs to hold them back ($4.99 for an 18" x 18" section at WalMart).  Then, I did a layer of quilt batting over all the wood and cushion areas (over the wood because it is in a baby’s room.... didn't want any extreme hard edges).  When attaching the batting, remember to fasten the staples farther away from any finishing edges, you don't want to run the risk of doubling staples when putting on your finish fabric.

The cushion for the seat was originally built in, but for ease of cleaning, I made it into a separate piece. I used 1 inch thick memory foam pieces and layered 4 of them to give the correct cushion height ( 1" x 20" x 24" at WalMart for around $10.00 each).  Each layer will adhere to the next pretty securely, but just to be safe use spray adhesive between each layer.

Chair being recovered from
Then, I recovered the chair with the fabric ... I used curtains ... yup curtains ... they were the perfect style of fabric... and the perfect weight and since I don’t live near a fabric store it was fate.  It took 2 panels (40" x 84").  I used the already seamed edges on the curtain to use as the skirt, it saved some time.  I used an old green bed sheet as a hidden pop of colour underneath the seat cushion. PS: fabric shower curtains are a great alternative too (especially if you need something that will resist stains on smaller projects). 

Chair Completed 3 from www.simpleispretty.comChair Completed 2 from       

An air compressor and a staple gun is your best friend for this project.  Place staples about every 3" apart, and add extra staples in every corner.  Start at the top and work your way down, start at the front and work your way back.  Your back panel is always the last piece to go on.  You can use a cardboard tack strip for any straight edges, it'll help make the perfect straight edge.  I didn't use it on this project, but I don't recommend it for beginners.  Oh and measure once add 6 inches and don't bother measuring again.  The fabric moves, stretches, shifts while you are lining up patterns and tucking corners. It is easier to cut off excess than to try and get it perfect prior to getting it on the chair. 

I sanded down the arms and did a few coats of Krylon Dual Paint + Primer Silver spray paint then a clear coat.


The Chair Completed from
Thanks to Anita for submitting this post!  All the best to the soon-to-be Mom who will be enjoying the updated chair!

As Always,

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