Monday, August 12, 2013

Living Room Update

So we’ve been living a couple months in our new home.  Things are slowly coming together, and I thought I’d share a quick update.

I’ve set up the china cabinet, and I’m happy with how everything looks… for the time being.  I’ll probably change it again in a few months, I’m always rearranging things!

China Cabinet
Currently, I have placed a few cookbooks in the coffee table for some added color.

Coffee Table
I added some grey baskets to the bottom of the coffee table-- for color, texture and extra storage (even though they are empty now).

Coffee Table 2

Living room sectional
A few days ago, I completed my pillow covers for the living room sectional.  Soon, I will get some pictures up.

As Always,


  1. Love the idea of putting cookbooks on your coffee table in order to add color - plus, who doesn't love to look through cookbooks? What a great idea!


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