Thursday, February 21, 2013

How To Remove Stickers

Do you ever have the problem of trying to remove price stickers from plates, glasses, mirrors, picture frames and other items?  Price and barcode stickers are sometimes stuck to products in weird places.  Not only are the stickers stuck in the most inconvenient places, they usually do not come off the item very well.

The bottom of one of my spray bottles had a sticker that would not come off. Sticker on bottle

I used “Goo Gone” cleaner to remove the unwanted sticker. Goo Gone

Just put a small amount of the cleaner on a make-up remover pad or paper towel and apply it to the sticker. Makeup remover pads Goo Gone on makeup pad

I let the cleaner sit and soak in for a few minutes before trying to rub the sticker and residue off.  Sometimes I have to apply the Goo Gone a couple of times, depending on the strength of the sticker.
Here is the same bottle with the sticker removed after using the cleaner… Sticker on bottle removed

The bottle says Goo Gone removes grease, gum, stickers, crayon and tape.  Luckily, I haven’t needed to remove anything besides stickers.  But I will need to keep this product in mind if I need to remove crayon from anything!

I try to remove barcode and product stickers from most items in my house.  I find that it makes the item look cleaner.  I have tried Goo Gone to successfully remove stickers on flower pots, organizing bins, cups, soap dispensers, glass from picture frames and many other items. Goo Gone and Make up Remover Pads

If you use Goo Gone on anything that will be serving food, be sure to wash the item well with soap and water after using Goo Gone.  I was not compensated in any way to write this post, I’m just sharing a product that I have purchased that has made my life easier.

What are your tips for removing stickers from items?

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  1. I hate those darn stickers, too! I found that they come off easily if I heat them briefly with my craft heat gun. Heat for a few seconds, then peel the offending sticker right off. Works great on glass or metal or anything that can take a bit of heat. Probably not a good idea on soft plastic or the like, though. Goo Gone works better on those surfaces.

    1. Thanks for the tip Kathy, I'll have to try that! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Great tutorial! I just linked it when I wrote about using adhesive cable organizers today:

    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thanks for the link to my post, I appreciate it :)

      Checked out your post, great ideas, I'm always looking for ideas to hide and camouflage cords!


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