Sunday, November 4, 2012

OMG… Sewage Backup!

Yep, I said it… SEWAGE BACKUP!  One of my biggest fears and nightmares happened late last week.  Luckily, it happened in the afternoon when I was home so I could contain the disaster in the basement. 

We live on an acreage, so at first I thought the septic tank was full and backing up into the house.  When we discovered the septic tank wasn’t the issue, further investigation lead us to a clogged sewage line in between the house and the septic tank. 

After multiple calls to plumbers, we finally got someone out to the house late that night.  All day and evening we were without water because any amount of water down the line would cause a greater backup.  Being without water is really hard, especially when we have 2 kids and now-a-days we take the use of water for granted (eg. toilet flushing).

We are now in the clean up stage and have a crew coming out on Monday to start the demolition.  Let’s hope everything is completed before Christmas… Oh, I hope so, but I'm not holding my breath!

Has anyone gone through sewage or water damage clean up and rebuilding before?  What are some of your horror stories? 


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