Thursday, November 22, 2012

Best Store for Online Shopping...

#1) Old Navy / The Gap / Banana Republic (

Old Navy is one of my favourite stores to shop at.  I have subscribed to Old Navy’s email newsletter so I get the scoop on their weekly sales and deals.  Old Navy is great for purchasing kid’s clothes. They are very reasonably priced.  With shopping the sales and clearance pages, you can save your family a lot of money.

You can add items to your cart from all 3 stores: Old Navy, The Gap and Banana Republic.  Which is great, and saves time since you don’t have to make 3 different orders if you shop at the 3 stores.

I find shopping for clothes in stores while looking after children can be exhausting.  And good luck trying to get my kids to try on an item of clothing in a store to see if it fits!  So I may as well have been shopping at home!  So, shopping online from home is the best solution for me, and I get to enjoy a cup of coffee while I shop. - Old Navy Adjustable Waist Kid's Jeans

One of my favourite articles of clothing are the Old Navy kid’s pants and jeans. Most of the pants have adjustable waistbands using an elastic waistband and button.  Which works wonderfully to fit the pants to the child’s waist and they can be adjusted as the child grows.

Old Navy - Dark-Wash Bootcut Jeans for Baby

I’ve bought from Old Navy since the birth of our first son. Which makes shopping a little easier because I know what size my kids are using Old Navy sizes. Occasionally, I purchase something that is the incorrect size and they have a VERY good return program.  I have not had a issue with Old Navy so far!  Just put the item in a box, follow their return instructions, attach the provided shipping label, and take it to the post office.  Done, no fees or shipping costs to worry about.

I usually stock up on some essential clothes in the next size up when they are on sale (eg. t-shirts, jeans).  This worked well with my oldest boy this fall as he seemed to grow overnight.  One day his pants fit, and the next they were flood pants.  Luckily I had a few jeans and t-shirts stored and ready to use. Poor guy!

In case you missed it, here are the rest of my top 5 picks for online store shopping.

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