Thursday, September 20, 2012

Water Bottle Storage Solution

I’ve found the solution to my ugly water bottle storage problem.  Stuff them in a closet!…

I used to keep my water bottles in the corner of the entrance. 

This is where they got placed.  It was easy and that is where they stayed for years.  YUCK!  I hated seeing the bottles every time I walked in.  My youngest son has also figured out he can pull the little plastic lid coverings off the bottles. 

Not good, since the lid coverings keep the bottle openings clean and free of dust when storing.

The entrance closet is not large enough for jackets and is in an awkward place.  The closet opens to the hallway between the kitchen and entrance.  So I did some re-arranging of my entrance closet and luckily the water bottles just fit!


To my surprise, I can store 4 bottles of water at the bottom of the closet.  (Why have I not thought of this sooner?!)  My recycling bins were previously at the bottom and got moved up a shelf.  The recycling bins are still within reach for my oldest son who likes to help recycle.


On the next shelf up from the recycling bins, we store our garbage bags, reusable shopping bags, watering can, and Swiffer cloths.


On the next shelf, I have some kitchen cleaning products.  I don’t like to keep anything harmful under our kitchen sink with my little boys in the house.  Anything harmful gets put on this closet shelf instead, out of reach.



I keep my stove top cleaner and plant sprays and fertilizer on this high shelf.  I also keep the sunscreen and bug spray on this shelf, close to the front door and easy to grab.


On the top shelf, I keep all the bug killing and repelling supplies.  We have a few mosquito lanterns, cans of Raid and containers of ant killer.  (Who needs 5 cans of Raid??, now I have them all in one place so no excuse to not find a can and buy another at the store!)

Currently, my youngest boy is too short to open the door to the closet.  The water bottles are safe from having their lids removed for the time being!

Before & After

Upper Shelves:



Middle Shelves:



Bottom Shelves:



The space still needs to be spruced up a bit with labels and such to make it prettier.  But I feel so much better not having to look at water bottles when I walk in the door! 

Where do you stash your water bottles?



  1. It's always nice to group everything together and hide the unsightly items for sure. We use a Brita instead of bottled water and it seems to work pretty good. However, we're only a family of 3 and it's easier to keep up with water in the fridge than if we had more kids.

    1. Shauna,
      I love Brita water. I grew up with it in my parent's house. On our acreage, we have well water. Our well water is potable, but I just feel better knowing we drink the bottled water. After our first baby, we started using bottled water for formula. Bottled water gives me piece of mind.

      And Thanks for following me on google friend connect!



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