Monday, July 30, 2012

House Tour 2012: Main Floor Bathroom

 Our bathroom for the main level is at the end of the hallway... 

I love the brightness in the bathroom with the natural light coming through the window.  This is one room we have hardly updated since we have moved in.  Everything from the tub, sink, counter top and lighting fixtures could use an update.

We did replace the toilet and repainted the white on the walls.

The tub and shower are behind the open door... Nothing great believe me. 

The tub is beige and has outlines of butterflies on the bottom of the tub where someone stuck no slip stickers years ago.  The stickers are gone but the butterfly outlines remain.  This scratched up tub has seen better days.

One of my favorite things in this bathroom is where I keep extra toilet paper.  I know, weird!  But here it is...

I got it as a wedding shower gift.  I'm not sure of its real purpose, but it is the perfect size to hold the rolls of toilet paper. 

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  1. I love that toilet paper holder! It somehow makes the toilet paper look PRETTY. Ha! Who would've though? Great idea!

    1. Thanks Hilary for your kind words! I love it too :) Hope you stop by again soon!



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