Wednesday, July 4, 2012

House Tour 2012: Entrance

I love our home's large entrance area.  If there is one thing I hate, it is falling over people and shoes when you enter or leave a house.  With our entrance, visitors can come in the door and have plenty of space to take off their shoes.  Since the mats are large, they stop most of the dirt from entering the rest of the house.  

My husband built the shoe and hat racks from plywood and we stained the racks black.  The dark color hides most of the dirt that falls off the shoes until the racks get cleaned. 

Another must have is a mirror in our entrance.  Perfect for that one final teeth and hair check before leaving the house.

We stash our full and empty water bottles in the corner.  This is one thing I would like to change/hide, I hate looking at them.  But they are located in a handy spot, since the water dispenser in the kitchen is only a few steps away.  The long chest is where we keep our firewood for our wood burning fireplaces.  We keep the kids' hats, splash pants, mitts, and other items in the dresser under the mirror.

Our paint colors are Pittsburgh Paint's Pony Tail and Tabu.  The 3 walls are Pony Tail and the one wall with the mirror on it is Tabu, as it leads into the laundry room.

Pony Tail 315-4

Tabu 412-3

I made this simple "LOVE" sign earlier this year.  Super easy to make.  I just found a font I love (ha ha), printed each letter on to letter size paper and put them in frames.  This sign works well on the entrance wall as it is near the ceiling.  This wall is used a lot for leaning on while people put on shoes, and since the sign is high it never gets bumped.  

To keep the frames straight, try this trick.... put a little sticky tac in the lower corners of the frames and hang the pictures on the wall as usual with a nail, make sure to press the lower corners to stick the sticky tac to the wall.  Works great, no more picture adjusting!

The Transformation:


Do you have any tricks for organizing your entrance to your home?  What are your must have items?


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