Saturday, July 28, 2012

House Tour 2012: Living Room

Our living room is one of the most used areas of our house.  The kids spend lots of time playing in there.  We watch most TV shows in our living room.  This is also where we sit and visit when we have company over.

We stash the kids' toys in baskets in the black storage unit under the window.  Click here to read more on the living room storage unit.  

Our paint color is Stony Creek from Pittsburgh Paints...

Stony Creek 414-5

The Transformation:




As Always,
Thrifty Decor Chick


  1. I like your changes. Have you considered hanging your curtains high and wide above the window? I think it would look amazing.

  2. Thanks Jae. I love the look of high curtains, and your idea is great! I have looked at many photos with high and wide curtains in the past, and I think it would really add to the room. Now comes the challenge of finding some curtains I like that are long enough! Any ideas?

    Thank you for your lovely comment!



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