Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Laminated Sheets for Kids

My oldest son is interested in learning numbers and letters...  

A while ago, I jotted down some letters, small words and numbers for him on a few sheets of loose leaf paper.  He liked to practice typing these sheets on his computer (an old laptop my husband and I used before it got too slow for our needs).  My son would practice typing these sheets of paper every day so they got a little tattered and torn.  

I've since redesigned the papers using Microsoft Word and added a little clip art to some of the sheets.  After printing them out, I laminated them to help them stand up.  

I also made some number flashcards.  I printed sheets of letter size paper with numbers 1 to 50, cut the numbers out with the paper cutter, and glued them to blue construction paper.  After the cards were assembled, I quickly laminated the cards to protect them.

My son loves these cards!  He likes to try to put them in order.  To help him focus, it is easy just to take out most of the cards and let him concentrated on numbers 1 through 10.  As he grows and learns, I can add back the numbers as he needs them. 

So much prettier to see shiny laminated sheets of typed printed paper covering the kitchen table opposed to my chicken scratch on mangled loose leaf paper!  

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