Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dining Room and Kitchen Paint Upgrade

It's been almost 5 years since my husband and I moved into our current home.  Painting the upstairs rooms is one of the first projects we After first moving in, one of the first projects we started was painting the upstairs rooms.  I like the current color of our kitchen and dining room which is Happy Trails by Pittsburgh Paints. 

Happy Trails by Pittsburgh Paints

Very neutral!  But it is time for a change and the walls could use a fresh coat of paint to cover scuffs and imperfections.

Here is how our kitchen and dining room look currently.  Check out my post on the changes we have already made to our kitchen since we moved in, here.

Our kitchen doesn't have much area to paint.  Since the kitchen cabinets extend to the ceiling and the tile back splash covers the wall in between the upper and lower cabinets, we only have a small area to paint above the sink and around the window.  The counter top and tile back splash are neutral light browns.  Our cabinets are a deep burgundy color and our appliances are white.

Currently, I've used red to accent the kitchen.  But I never got the true effect I wanted because it looked more like Christmas colors because of the red accessories with my green house plants.  I like the boldness of the red but after 5 years, it is time for a change.  So, I'm hoping to get rid of the red accessories in our kitchen.  My plan is to freshen up the kitchen and give it a new look by bringing in green and blue accessories.  I pretty much have the green accessories covered, thanks to all my plants!

We have a large wall in the dining room, which will showcase the new paint color the most out of all the walls.  On this wall, I've hung IKEA pictures and frames we purchases a few years ago.  These pictures will stay in the dining room on the same wall after the makeover.  I love these simple photos that feature flowers and leaves.  They are very bright and uplifting.  They are part of the inspiration behind the kitchen and dining room makeover.  I'm hoping to draw on them for the new colors to complete the space.

These are the color choices I've narrowed down to for the new paint, both are very close to the colors in the IKEA pictures:

#1 Behr Premium Plus Ultra - Ozone UL220-7

#2 Behr Premium Plus Ultra - Millstream UL230-12

Both of the paints are Behr Premium Plus Ultra paints.  It's a paint and primer in one, which means less coats I need to paint, YAY!  I've used this paint in my son's room and I loved the results!  So I'm excited to get painting and see the rapid transformation.

I need some help.  What are your thoughts on which paint color to choose?

#1 Ozone or #2 Millstream???  Please leave a comment!  Thanks!

Click here to see what color I chose and to see the transformation!


  1. I like Ozone more! It looks more modern

  2. Thanks for your comments! I've chosen Ozone...


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