Monday, March 5, 2012

Living Room Toy Storage

As we have two young boys, I feel I'm always tripping over or looking at toys.  I'm always trying to think of new ways to organize this eye sore!

I found some baskets at Real Canadian Superstore a few weeks ago that were on clearance for $1.44 for 2 baskets, regularly $20 for both.   I had the kids with me and could only fit one set in my already full cart of groceries.  I dragged my husband back that weekend and we picked up 8 more sets.  I could not believe my luck that they still had some in stock!  In the end, we have 18 baskets to do some organizing.

The first area I wanted to tackle was the living room toy area... 

(I apologize in advance for the pictures.  We have white curtains, and even with them closed the light pours through and makes the dark storage unit hard to see)

Before the organizing began, the area held the kid's toys, books, phone books, DVD's, blanket, and pillows.  Puzzles are kept in a light brown Rubbermaid tub in front of the storage unit.  The kid's toys were held in a large clear plastic tub that didn't even fit in the storage unit. 

The kid's books hardly fit in the old basket inside the unit.  On the side shelves, we had two extra pillows just sitting on the shelves.  I always thought it looked strange.  But that is where the pillows fit, so they just kinda stayed there.  Funny how that happens!

Now the after pictures...

The new baskets fit perfectly into the storage unit.  The toys take up two baskets, the blanket and pillows take up one, and the kid's books take up the other.  The great thing about these baskets is they aren't see through like the huge plastic tub.  The kid's can put away the toys and I don't have to look at them anymore! 

I recycled our phone books because we never use them anyway.  Some of them were almost 5 years old!  Yipes!  Our very small collection of DVD's moved to a bookcase behind the TV.  Our puzzles are still in the light brown tub in front of the storage unit.  

In the end, we got rid of the huge clear tub that used to hold the toys.  One less thing to look at!  The space is much cleaner and less cluttered.  Now I just need to disguise this poor light brown Rubbermaid tub the puzzles are in!  Any ideas??


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